Hi guys,

My name is Vinicius Silva Junqueira and I am currently leading the development, implementation, and optimization of Data Science and Genomic methods in Latim America Plant Breeding Programs at Bayer. I have a bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine and a Master and Ph.D degree in Genetic and Breeding.

The development of this website was motivated of my desire to share personal opinions, but also some interesting educational websites, pages and materials freely available on network. It seems that some researchers (e.g., Nature paper), in which I include myself, believes that innovation cannot stop and personal opinions, documents, and source codes should be freely available (or at least some parts of them) to ramp up science.

During my master in Genetics and Breeding at University of Viçosa (Brazil) I start my learnings on genetics and breeding which included (among others) a large amount of statistical subjects (e.g., linear models, mixed models, and Bayesian and Frequentist approaches to estimate variance components). My project was developed in partnership with Embrapa South Livestock. This cooperative work was greatly important in my personal and professional development. At that time, I took my initial steps into the world of high performance linear programming. Since then I have been applying programming on daily issues, even not being a programmer (I am a vet!).

I truly believe that logic (the base of programming tasks) can influence the learning and indeed it has improving my designing thinking and problem solving skills. Since then I have been working with scientific programming focused on solving real-life problems.

Vinícius Silva Junqueira
B.A in Veterinary Medicine
M.S. Ph.D in Genetics and Breeding
Data Science Professional